Visit … The Heritage

Vila do Conde, city and municipality, is a testimony of immense wealth from a heritage point of view. From the most remote legacies from the prehistoric period to contemporary architecture, the material evidence of this experience and of this built wealth is constantly intersecting with those who circulate through the streets of this municipality.

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Parks and Gardens

Praça José Régio is the result of an urban operation, in which the interior of the block in which it is inserted has been converted into a public space. In 1984, the Municipality of Vila do Conde gave the name of José Régio to the new square, with a statue of the eminent poet and writer, by the sculptor António Duarte, placed in its center.

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Caminhos Santiago

The relationship between the territory of Vila do Conde and the Caminhos de Santiago is long. If the Central Way is linked to the first pilgrimages and has remained, until today, the main pilgrimage route in Portuguese territory, the Caminho da Costa came to life from the beginning of the Modern Age, the result of the growth and consolidation of urban centers close to the Atlantic Ocean.

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