Water park

The Fafe Aquatic Park, has reached a level of sustained affirmation over the last few years, both in the municipality of Fafe and in the entire northern region of the country. It is located in a privileged place in the city of Fafe, in Travessa do Sol West, Monte das Freiras, where you can enjoy the most beautiful views of the city taking advantage of the sun or the tranquility of the place to simply relax. Since, during the year, the Aquatic Park has registered high levels of tourist reference we constantly need to expand and innovate to guarantee the satisfaction of our customers. New investments are planned in terms of swimming pools / slides, restaurants and the construction of bungalows. Investment, innovation and satisfaction are the concepts of order in this space that aims to become the best infrastructure in the North of the Country

Parque Aquático Fafe – https://parqueaquaticofafe.pt/

Parque Aquático Amarante – https://parqueaquaticoamarante.com/pt


Names like Pedro Lamy and Pedro Matos Chaves have already been here. The Kartódromo do Cabo do Mundo has already marked its position both nationally and internationally, acquiring several trophies, many of which were won by the group’s founder.

Cabo do Mundo Kartódromo – https://www.cabodomundokarting.pt/web/index.php/

Sportiverace Indoorkarting- https://www.facebook.com/sportiveraceindoorkarting2006/

Adventure Park

Parque Aventura – http://www.azurara-parque-aventura.com/

Rates Park – https://www.ratespark.pt/