• Bobbin Lace and Pelota Game candidates for the 7 Wonders of Portugal - There is something special about Italian castles and you can see it with your own eyes! And if you stay in one of our villas, we have something very interesting to offer you - we have partnered up with several tour operators and are ready to provide you with some special discount offers.
  • Completion of work in the Historic Center - Our summer villa Emilia is located in Emilia-Romagna region in Italy - and this is a beautiful place to explore! Apart awesome coastline and nature, there are lots of historical places you can visit. Everything depends on your tastes - for example, if you are interested in Bologna food experience, you might be interested in visiting factory with Gourmet Lunch and Wine Tasting: here you'll follow your senses on a full-day culinary tour of Bologna’s famous food region!
  • Aldi opens next week in Vila do Conde - Our villa in Lazio is a great place to discover and enjoy the water life - beachfront, mountains and lots of fresh air. However, if you also want to some some magnificent places of gardens, you'll love the garden tour near our Lazio's villa. A rewarding half-day trip from Bolsena, this labyrinth of immaculately clipped box hedges has resisted the vagaries of garden fashion to come down to us unchanged from the early 17th century. Sounds quite attractive for you, isn't it?
  • “Vento Norte Vento Forte”/“Um porto para o Mundo” in documentary - Despite great locations, we provide transfer and programs to all local events! This time, you should celebrate it with us. We'll also send you the line-up so you can be sure you'll definitely love it. The festival will last for 3 months in Tuscan Town!